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Cirklon 2 Hardware Sequencer

Cirklon 2 Hardware Sequencer

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Cirklon 2 is designed to be the beating heart of your hardware MIDI, analogue or hybrid set up - whether in the studio or on the road.

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Cirklon 2 is the latest version of multi-track hardware sequencer by Sequentix. With the same MIDI, CV and USB device connectivity as its predecessor, it adds USB host support, a full-colour TFT display, 4 x data memory and a major CPU performance boost.

With rock solid timing, intuitive workflow and superb build quality, Cirklon 2 is designed, manufactured and tested in Berlin to exacting standards.

The user-interface is based around:

  • 480x128 pixel full-colour TFT touch-screen.
  • 19 rotary encoders with push-switches.
  • 2 assignable knobs.
  • 35 high-quality Cherry keys with integrated LEDs.
  • A further 35 tri-colour status LEDs.
  • Basic model has 5 fully independent MIDI in and out ports.
  • USB host and device ports
  • CVIO option adds 16 CV and 8 gate outputs.
  • Movable rear panel allows desktop or rackmount use.
  • Wooden end cheeks sold separately.

Cirklon 2 has up to 64 tracks, user-configurable as 1 to 4 banks of 16. There are 5 independent MIDI INs and OUTs to connect a large number of controllers and synths/sound modules while keeping MIDI latency to a minimum.

There is USB MIDI connectivity for DAW synchronisation, soft-synth control or MIDI pass-thru from a PC, and a DIN Sync output which can also be configured to connect the Drum-mux analogue percussion trigger interface. The optional CVIO analogue bus provides 16 hi-res CV outputs, and 8 configurable gate out/CV ins on a 25 pin connector, giving direct control of analogue synths with optimum timing response and no further load on the MIDI ports.

USB host support for class-compliant USB MIDI interfaces allows the addition of up to 16 MIDI input and output ports.

The 32-bit, ARM Cortex M7 CPU runs a proprietary sequencer engine to ensure optimum timing accuracy. All MIDI ports are provided by hardware serial ports in the CPU core itself. Pattern storage is comprised of 8MB battery-backed internal RAM, with internal flash and an SD/MMC card socket for data backup.

What's in the box:

  • Cirklon 2 Hardware sequencer 
  • Cirklon Power Supply
  • Rackmount Ears (attached)
  • Cirklon User Manual 
  • Stickers

Wooden end cheeks are an optional extra – you can browse the options here

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