How long is the Cirklon waiting list?

We expect that customers joining the waiting list now will be offered the opportunity to buy a Cirklon around 3 years after joining the list. Customers already on the waiting list are waiting more time than this, however we are working to increase production and reduce the waiting time (although availability of components is uncertain at the moment). Updates on which date we’ve reached on the list can be found on the Wait List thread on our user forum.

To join our waiting list, please complete the form on the Cirklon product page.

There’s no obligation to buy when we reach your position on the waiting list if you decide not to go ahead at that time.

How do I pay for my Cirklon?

Full payment is requested when your Cirklon is almost ready to ship; a deposit payment is not required when you join the waiting list.

We will email you when we’ve reached your position on the waiting list with an invite and access to purchase.

We accept payment via bank transfer or directly through this website.

We usually ship your order around a week after we receive cleared payment.

What's the difference between the basic model Cirklon and the CVIO model Cirklon?

The basic model Cirklon2 can connect to any MIDI compatible instruments with standard DIN sockets. It also features a USB-MIDI slave port for connection to PC, Mac or USB-MIDI host devices, and a DIN Sync output port for control of suitable equipment.

The CVIO model Cirklon2 extends these capabilities to include control of analogue synthesisers via multiple CV (control voltage) and gate outputs. There are 16 high-resolution CV outputs and 8 gate outputs via a 25 way connector on the rear panel.

The CV outputs support V/octave and Hz/V modes plus portamento/glide and micro-tuning options. The gate outputs can be configured in 5V v-gate or S-trig modes.

A break-out box (BOB) is required to connect analogue equipment to the CVIO model Cirklon. Our BOBs provide sockets for each of the 24 outputs carried by the analogue connector.

Can the basic model Cirklon be upgraded to the CVIO model?

A basic model Cirklon can be upgraded by fitting a CV board inside the Cirklon. The CV board can be purchased via our online shop

Fitting the CV board yourself is quite straight-forward if you have basic technical skills - no soldering is required.

This tutorial video demonstrates the installation procedure.

What type of breakout boxes do you sell?

Our breakout boxes (BOBs) are available with either 3.5mm or quarter-inch (6.35mm) sockets, in desktop or rackmount form.

We also offer a 14HP Eurorack BOB module with 3.5mm sockets.

On rackmount BOBs the analogue bus socket can be fitted to either the front or back of the BOB, with a blanking plate in the opposite position.

A cable to connect the BOB to the Cirklon should be purchased separately from us.

2 metre, 3 metre or 5 metre round BOB cables are available .

We also sell a 50cm flat ribbon BOB cable  which is ideal for when the Cirklon and BOB are rackmounted together.

If you want to make your own break-out cable here’s the pin-out diagram:


How do I change the Cirklon from desktop to rackmount set-up?

This video demonstrates the process.

Can you recommend any technicians who carry out work on Cirklon?

Rob Hukin

Synths When
74 Wade Ave
Toronto, ON
M6H 1P6

Contact: Jay Lemak
Tel: 647.300.5502

Low-Gain Electronics
Logan Erickson
1815B E. 41st St. 
Minneapolis, MN 55407
United States 

Contact: Logan Erickson

What shipping method do you use?

We use either DHL Express, DPD or UPS depending on shipment weight, value and destination.

What power supply does Cirklon use?

Cirklon is supplied with a world-wide PSU, including interchangeable connector plates for UK, US, European and Australian outlets.

Input voltage is auto-switching, from 90V to 264V, 47Hz to 63Hz.

How do I install a firmware update onto my Cirklon?

You can download the latest Cirklon firmware update from our forum.

Once the file has been downloaded, the update can be installed via SD card or MIDI sysex transfer.

This tutorial made by Cirklon owner Charlie Norton shows the process of backing up and updating your Cirklon.

Is Cirklon tested on animals?